How to access the Kraken site

What is the real address of the Kraken

What to do if is not responding

Why can't I access the KRAKEN from a regular browser

Official mirrors on ONION

Many do not understand what the darknet is and how you can get there at all. Some believe that there is some kind of portal to the darknet, others think that the dark web is only for the elite. In fact, everything is much simpler, everyone can enter the darknet, but for this you need to know which program to use and which link to enter into the browser. In essence, the darknet is the place where sites that are blocked in the rest of the network. We figure out how to enter correctly and what utility is needed

Why is the TOR browser used to enter the KRAKEN?

This program is the most secure for users who want to log into the darknet and register on the KRAKEN. The thing is that when we enter the network, then a certain IP address is fixed for us, it's like a beacon that shows exactly where it came from logged in, digital address of your location. But when we log in with TOP, the location automatically changes and you seem to be in Australia, the USA, Canada, and so on. That is why it is recommended to use TOR to enter. As for registering on the KRAKEN website, there is nothing complicated, you need to go to, enter your login, password, nickname, then pass the bot check and you can assume that you are registered.